Moon in Scorpio, Sixth House


“With the Moon in Scorpio an individual is instinctively possessive, private, intense, psychically sensitive. The individual thrives on passion and becomes deeply committed to anything or anyone who exhumes passionate feelings. There is a tendency toward suspicion and obsession when insecure and stressed. The mother would be deeply loving and committed to the emotional well being of the child. But at times her intensity would be overwhelming, smothering and manipulative.”

“An individual with the Moon in the sixth house has a memory of being efficient in helping others when necessary and responding to the ‘call of duty’. The challenge for the individual with the Moon in the sixth house is to work at cooperating with others.”

“The Moon in H6 is an indication that past life experience has involved either being of service to others or receiving the ministrations of others: the Moon in H6 can indicate that in the past learning through the medium of a sick body.

Whether the reason was the need to work hard or bodily incapacity the past life experience afforded little scope for self—direction or autonomy. The position of the Sun in the chart will show the area of life a person needs to focus upon in order to move himself on in the current lifetime.

A person with the Moon in H6 is likely to be born to hard-working parents who have a pronounced sense of duty and few expectations for self. Alterna tively, a parent may have ill-health and requires a lot of support from the child with the Moon in H6

In his dealings with others a person with this placement of the Moon is likely to demonstrate an aggravated sense of responsibility or even a ser vility, which becomes the source of inequality and imbalance in personal relationships in his adult years.

The childhood illnesses to which a person with the Moon in H6 may be prone— these can be both isolated attacks or chronic conditions—are likely to be outgrown, although there may be lifelong tendency to retreat into illness at times of emotional upheaval.”

“Whenever a planet is in Scorpio there is always a sense of tension. Scorpio and the Moon are both connected to the Fourth Ray (Harmony Through Conflict). The Fourth stands as the transforming gate between the energies of the ego-self and the Soul. On the personality level, a person with the Moon is Scorpio is always required to transmute the energy of the lower emotions of selfish desires into a more refined feeling nature. The Moon is said to “fall ” in Scorpio as the nourishing qualities of the Moon are often severely restricted in this sign. But from the Soul-centered perspective, this “fall” relates to the death of the personality which is “felled” by the energies of the Soul. Thus the Soul-level purpose for this position is to use one´s outer, form life as a total expression for the healing properties and unifying qualities of the Higher Self. The tests are often severe (Scorpio is not a light-weight sign!), but the rewards are very lofty.”

“The desires of the separated, lower self “fall” in this sign. On the personality level, this takes place through crises that deal with the death of desires. For this reason, the Moon in Scorpio is not the easiest karma as one must release and detach in order to grow emotionally. From the perspective of the soul, the Moon in Scorpio provides an individual with transformative abilities, helping others to free themselves from emotional traps and obsessions.”


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